The ulitmate relaxation




Busy busy busy! It’s time to refuel in a spa or wellness center. What are the benefits of a day spa visit? What can mean a relaxing nap for you? Relax, enjoy and feel good!


No time

We are all running out of time. We are busy, very busy. We do not have enough to 24 hours a day. Learning to deal with our precious time will be a major improvement. Make a pass at the scene, a moment for yourself.



A visit to the sauna does good to our health. The heat from the sauna discharges excess waste and stimulates various bodily functions. While visiting a sauna, our heart beat faster, which results in better blood circulation in our body. Other major benefits of a visit to the day spa are:

The heat from the sauna is relaxing,

The mind comes to rest in this relaxing warmth,

The muscles can relax by the warmth of the sauna






Healthy eating and drinking

During a day spa it is important to eat as healthy as possible and to drink to encourage relaxation and health. It is recommended to eat extra: grains, beans, vegetables and nuts. Drink a lot of mineral water throughout the day. These foods all have more than enough magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is important for: Metabolism, a fuel for the brains and to the nervous system.


Natural tranquilizer

The mineral magnesium is a natural tranquilizer, ideal during a day of relaxation, rest and relax. Magnesium is going to attack the stress. Magnesium also appears to promote sleep. Except in the above list, the mineral magnesium is also in dark chocolate.



Use your day spa resort to take a little nap. Admit to feeling relaxed and close your eyes. The benefits of such a relaxing sleep at a glance:

– It makes you more active,

– It makes you more alert,

– It enhances creativity and

– It improves your memory.




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Data plans in Malaysia

Data plans in Malaysia!


Looking to get a Mobile prepaid data plan in Malaysia? Well, there are a lot of prepaid offers so its not hard to get your best prepaid data plan.

Set of color SIM cards isolated on white background

How does prepaid work?

When you pay with prepaid, you pay in advance. You put credit on your SIM card via the website or your provider’s store. When you call, SMS or Internet, this gets of your balance. You get no bill afterwards, so you can decide in advance how much you’d want to spend. You cannot make calls without credit. People can still call you (and you can dial 112). Top up is needed if you want to have credit again.


All providers start with prepaid usage according to a standard or basic rate. Once your connection is activated, you can switch to a cheaper rate. First look into the rates and conditions of the tariff plans.


Best data plan in Malaysia

Mobile internet: what do I need?

– Wifi

If you’re mostly at home, at school or at work, use the wifi, then you need only mobile internet on the go. You can then take a small data plan, since data traffic via WiFi is not on your bundle. You can keep control on your data usage.


– Via the Internet network,

Data traffic via the network of your carrier is settled in MB, mega bytes. It is quite difficult to assess your own (future) use, so it is better to have a internet plan.


TuneTalk is a provider that offers data plans for light and heavy users. There are a lot of data plans to choose from.


Internet plan

As for calling and texting, your Internet usage is deducted from your credit. You will pay a rate per MB. You can also “turn on” a special bundle for internet which you pay in advance from the credit on your prepaid card.



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Banish your belly with Better Belly!

Banish your belly with Better Belly!


Slimming centers are focused on figure correction, slimming and figure conservation programs that are compiled personally for best results.

To achieve the desired weight with lasting results (without the yo-yo effect), you will be guided expertly by trainers and nutrition consultants. They help you achieve your desired weight in a responsible, safe and healthy way.


What is Better Belly?

 Probably you have already heard about body slimming, which is available in a variety of methods. One of the popular methods is the Better Belly, which works by placing a heat tape around your abdomen to stimulate your metabolism.


This new device is in great demand and many people have already achieved great results with it. Research has shown that when playing sports, the tummy zone is poorly supplied with blood in relation to the legs and arms. By carrying a Better Belly tape, not only you focus the fat burning on your abdomen region, but also on the non-visible areas (organs).


How does Better Belly work?

Simple, just exercise three times a week, four weeks in a row 30 to 45 minutes. The intensity is tailored to your fitness goal. After the first workout, you’ll get a measured intake and another after a period of four weeks to re-establish the positive result. While training on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or bike you get a waistband with infrared heat (Belly Better).


You wear the Belly Better over your clothes and your waist is wrapped with a layer of cellophane. The tape is heated to 55 degrees. The warming of the muscles and organs ensures that the basal metabolism is stimulated. Because of the profound effect of the heat combined with exercise, the fat in your body will faster and easier.


What to Expect: 

  • After four weeks, one to two dress sizes less!
  • Skin that is more beautiful and toned, cellulite reduction
  • A healthier lifestyle and a higher vitality
  • In addition, moving with the Better Belly other positive effects on the body:
  • Supports local burning of fat in the problem areas.
  • Can reduce back pain.
  • Supports recovery, by increasing the blood flow.
  • Carries waste from the body.
  • Helps with menstrual problems.
  • Promotes good sleep.



 Who is it for?

 For any of you who wants to lose weight quickly! Regardless if you are overweight and you just feel impeded to make a change, or if you have little motivation to exercise and you still want to see quick results or even if you just want the bikini figure or a perfect body for that wedding dress or suit, but too little time to train.


How do you start?

 Just visit the nearest body slimming centres that offer this treatment such as Bizzy Body or Kunzense, or any other slimming centres that you’re comfortable with. If you’re unsur of where to go, check out, the comprehensive listing directory for beauty and wellness venues in Malaysia.