Axis Crown Residence – Poised For Investment Success


Ampang city continues to grow originally from a mini tin prospecting locality into a fast-paced settlement, booming from a small-scale Chinese community.

Currently, its main Ampang Road is well known simply because of its car jam since most of this district’s total population go to the office with this particular major road.

However, there’s lots of major highways connecting around Ampang area and also neighbouring vicinity like Pandan, Cheras, Wangsa Maju and Setiawangsa.

Ampang is actually nearby KL city centre and such has resulted in a number of people deciding that it is the perfect home and also invest.

As growth space in Ampang is definitely exhausted and reserved, property value has multiplied significantly.

It has lent great expected revenue for anyone who had earlier procured or procured this spot. Those individuals who have purchased or invested earlier in this region have come to be enjoying good returns.

They are the lucky ones who may have benefitted financially or privately. Every one of these folks are really fortunate to profit whether economic or individual wise.

Many have gained high return of investments while being nearby the capital.

A hidden gem of a property development hasn’t been fully known within this nationally recognized district.

Considering that it was riddled with finalization delays, the Axis Crown Pandan hasn’t been overly popular among its homebuyers.

RK Group Malaysia began the project, consisting of an opulent mixed development which has commercial and residential offerings.

It is about to be completed.

Axis Crown developer will relinquish its finishing task to Convergent Solutions Sdn Bhd (CSSB).

You can find units comprising serviced apartments, condos and SoHos offered with this project.

Each Axis Crown unit features a car park bay. The 44-storey condo venue encompasses 174 units.

Classy club facilities is actually enjoyed by all residents for instance a bar, gymnasium, spa, jacuzzi together with an infinity swimming pool.

The core tenant nearby, AEON Big hypermarket is operational in Axis Atrium, the commercial advancement of Axis Pandan.

Discover foods and essential needs within cafes and merchants found in the mall for example, Old Town White Coffee, KFC, Subway, Chatime, Focus Point, Mr. DIY. Localised food dishes can be found which serves to fill hungry stomachs living within the Axis Crown Pandan area.

Readily accessible via primary roadways, Axis Crown is really favoured by investors.

You can actually be able to Axis Crown by making use of Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Kesas Highway, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH) and Sungai Besi Expressway (SBE).

For those travelling by public transport, Axis Crown is positioned nearby Pandan Indah LRT platform which is supported by buses and taxis. Going to and fro Axis Crown is indeed hassle-free.

The success of Axis Crown relied greatly at the comfort of having educational institutions, money institutions, business centres, medical facilities and post offices stationed not far away.

High rental yields of 6 to 8% per year must really be a powerful factor for individuals that prefer to pick a property which also offers city advantages.

Its good location surrounded by many amenities including quality condo facilities, are adding high capital appreciation for long term investors.

Axis Crown’s completion date could be near confirmation when you managed to buy a unit before it’s out of stock, you could be owning a prime property in Malaysia.

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Condo Living Amidst Bustling Townships – Limited Units Left


Ampang city has developed from a modest tin mining town into a bustling township, thriving from a little Chinese community.

The prominent Ampang Road is consistently busy with traffic problems because most Malaysians use it to visit Kl centre.

However, there are many different major highways connecting around Ampang area and its neighbouring vicinity like Pandan, Cheras, Wangsa Maju and Setiawangsa.

Ampang is really nearby Kuala Lumpur city centre and it has led in lots of people deciding that it is the perfect place to live and also to invest.

As land for progress in Ampang is definitely exhausted and limited, property value has boomed drastically.

It really has lent great expected profits for people that had earlier purchased or invested in this site.

Those are the lucky ones who have benefitted financially or privately. Most of these people are really fortunate to profit whether economic or personal wise.

They’re now enjoying high property value returns or residing in proximity toward the city centre..

A concealed treasure of a property development is simply not just fully known in this desired district.

Seeing that it was riddled with completion delays, the Axis Crown Pandan hasn’t been overly popular among its buyers.

A impressive mixed development containing commercial and residential blueprints, the Axis Pandan development was the inception of RK Group Malaysia.

It will be almost close to completion.

Absorbing the rest of the completion task from Axis Crown developer, is Convergent Solutions Sdn Bhd (CSSB).

The work is made of serviced apartments, condos and SoHo (Small Office Home Office) units.

Each Axis Crown unit boasts a car park bay. The 44-storey condo establishment encompasses 174 units.

Residents will enjoy club facilities for instance a bar, fitness center, infinity pool, spa and jacuzzi.

Facilities of its neighboring commercial development, Axis Atrium boast of hypermarket AEON Big as the main tenant.

Get food and essential needs within restaurants and stores situated in the mall for example, Old Town White Coffee, KFC, Subway, Chatime, Focus Point, Mr. DIY.

To be located smack in the center of various accessibility to primary highways, Axis Crown is a boon for investors.

It can be accessed via Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Kesas Highway, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH) and Sungai Besi Expressway (SBE).

For individuals travelling by public transport, Axis Crown is positioned close to Pandan Indah LRT network which is supported by buses and taxis. Going to and fro Axis Crown is incredibly simple and easy.

Other outstanding aspects that add up to Axis Crown’s success are the comfort of being close to schools, banks, business centres, healthcare facilities and post offices.

Take a look at Axis Crown for investing or probably to reside in if you rave about city lifestyle or to cash in on high rental returns as much as 8% per annum.

Being appreciated for prime capital values, it’s really a great alternative for those with long term investment goals, along with prime location, many available amenities and premier condo services.


With Axis Crown completion date approaching the light at the end of a tunnel, you’ll be reaping in the luxuries of owning one of the most desired property in Malaysia.

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KL Sunset Bars You Should Check Out

South East Asia has one of the most extraordinary spots for an unwinding moment, whether it’s during the sunlight or moonlight. In the Asian landscape, there are lots of rooftop bars and restaurants that can provide you with the most amazing experience on your trip. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, you would probably end up in a trendy bar in KL. You get to sip on delightful mixed drinks in the local scene such as at the wine bar. The choice is endless when you search for a restaurant in KL to eat, from luxurious to budget places. Selections of western food in KL are aplenty, from glamorous venues to low cost street food, it is available throughout the nation.

Yet, seeking a venue that offer fantastic food, drinks along with impressive views does not come easy. If you plan on discovering an amazing spot that offers the both worlds, look no further. Here are 4 top places we strongly recommend for those visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Marble 8

This steakhouse situated at the centre of the city is meant for all steak lovers. Nestled at Binjai 8, this premise features dry-aged steaks with gorgeous marbling that you can ever imagine. On their ambitious menu, you can find an extensive selection of steaks hand-picked by founder Modesto Marini, such as steak on stone, succulent rib-eye, tenderloin on the bone and many more famous cuts that their chefs are able to recommend. Besides that, you can make your way to M8, a trendy lounge bar KL that is integrated with the steakhouse. From Grey Goose to Absolut Vodka, their in-house mixologist concocts delicious handcrafted cocktails that will spark up your night amidst the picturesque scenery of Kuala Lumpur city.

Elysium Bar

Elysium bar is one of it’s kind. Standing tall with a soaring 32nd floor view taking in both views of the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. The design of this posh sunset bar offers one of the city’s most gorgeous environment, making it an ideally suited spot for a tippling evening whilst enjoying the orange sunset. With a unique list of party mixes, this mixology bar KL concocts beverages of wine and spirits to your preference. Get their Lychee Martini or the Hibiscus Sour if you enjoy sweet yet sophisticated drinks on a ladies’ night. Aside from drinks, a food list of snacks or finger foods are available for those who want some snack.

Mai Bar

Mai Bar is definitely unique, where the rooftop bar has a Tiki theme that serves guests incredible blends of unique tropical cocktails. Following the Tiki theme of the bar, cocktails are made with a twist, while being served in Tiki-themed mugs. Since it is such an interesting yet enjoyable environment, you can think about arranging your special birthday or other events in KL in this tropical bar.

The Malt & Leaf

Want to puff high quality cigars while enjoying on fine malt whisky? This stylish yet masculine spot is for you. It features a classy cigar lounge and bar, while serving some of the most famous collection of malt whiskies. However you wish to spend your Day or night, this handsome whisky bar KL exudes you an air of cosiness for a relaxing spot for indulging excellent whisky and cigars.

Want to enjoy further with more recommendations? Check out Eat Drink My for more suggestions on which restaurant and bar in KL are the best.

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4 Biggest Hair Mistakes You’re Making

Do you dream of having luxurious, silky smooth hair of a super star instead of dry locks? When hair doesn’t produce enough oil, the hair and scalp becomes dry and flakey, which is one of the many causes to dryness in hair texture. Dry scalp peels and sheds, leading to dandruff flakes onto your shoulders.

These dandruff flakes and dry hair texture may be annoying, but what are the actual causes to them?

Washing your hair often on a daily basis.

Did you know that over washing your hair actually removes off your hair’s natural oils? Leaving your hair to at least a day-old is typically easier to style, as compared to hair when it was freshly-washed. If you want to freshen up your locks in between shampoos, use a dry shampoo. A great alternative to dry shampoo would be patting your scalp with baby talc, which immediately reduces the visible look of oily hair while bringing you that extra hair volume.

Application of chemicals.

Most people these days would have had their hair transformed using chemicals, through colouring and styling based on current trends. By this we mean application of chemicals such as hair dyes, bleaches, perms and even relaxers. Attaining coloured hair is indeed interesting. However, hair will turn damaged when excessive use of chemicals are absorbed into the hair and scalp.

Getting overexposed in the sunshine.

We cannot deny that summer is everyone’s favourite season for that ultimately perfect beach look. Be it tanned dewy skin or simply the flawless mermaid locks, but being under the sunlight affects the hair overtime. Your hair will eventually become thinner and frizzier. Even if you aren’t sunbathing, your hair’s elasticity and strength could be stripped away from the exposure to UV rays. To protect yourself from these damaging rays, be sure to pack along your hat or even a UV-ray protected umbrella.

Daily styling with the use of heat.

Whether it’s the hair dryer, hair straightener or a roller, all these contain excessive heat that will remove your hair’s natural moisture. There are many safe ways to style your hair using non-heating ways. To achieve natural waves, tie your hair into braids to leave it on for the whole night, or simply use a band to twirl it in place. Watch this video for tutorial.

It is never fun and games when it comes to having dandruff, but luckily it is totally harmless to your health. Commonly, the dandruff is a cosmetic issue among people. There are various ways to dandruff treatment, such as using a shampoo that is specifically for shedding scalp. Some 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner that has selenium sulfide ingredients can help treat and reduce the amount of itching.

Even though washing your hair too frequently may cause damages, you can choose to use shampoo for dry hair which does not contain chemical formula that causes dryness. After washing your hair, always use a moisturizing hair conditioner to help smooth out the hair strands. Just mark one day of your week for a conditioning mask treatment for silkier hair.

Having dry hair and scalp isn’t the end of the world. When given the right care and proper maintenance, soon you will notice visible enhancements to your hair texture.

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Best Thing To Do In Penang

Rich in culture and Chinese legacy, Penang has a variety of sanctuaries, historical centres, temples, and amongst the many heritage sites will definitely make a visit there more than interesting. The attractions are not limited to places only but to the food as Penang is known for its inexpensive and delicious food. It’s no wonder that it is such a popular touristic attractions. No worries, accommodations are easily found; depending on your liking, you can either stay at a motel or one of Penang resort hotels. From the Clan Jetties to the beautiful Ferringhi Beach, here is a compiled list of the places that are a definite must on your Penang trip!


  1. Penang Hill


The views from the top of the hill is simple amazing. On board of a small train, the journey uphill is relaxing. The natural beauty can be enjoyed and once at the top, a 360 degree view of the city will be awaiting you. You can also choose a more physically demanding route and hike your way to the top. Depending on whatever you prefer, the views of the city in daylight or lit at night will amaze you!


  1. Clan Jetties


The Clan Jetties is the name of the Chinese settlements which have been around since the nineteenth century. Along the wooden dock, you can find small traditional houses of the Jetties. This is such an interesting place to visit but since these are private homes, do ask for authorization from them before snapping photographs there.


  1. Snake Temple


Yes, this is exactly what it is! A temple devoted to snakes is probably the only one in the world. Around the temple you can find a variety of snakes; inside and outside. These snakes are not dangerous but it is advised not to touch them!


4. Temples


There are numerous beautifully decorated temples that can be visited in Penang. These Chinese traditional temples such as Kek Lok Si temple, Khoo Knongsi, Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple or the Hindu temple Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani can provide you a glimpse into the religious aspect of the city.


  1. Ferringhi beach.


You cannot not go to Penang and miss out on the beach! Batu Ferringhi is a magnificent beach that can provide you the relaxation that you need after a tiring trip! With its sandy beach and proximity to Penang Holiday Inn Resort, Ferringhi beach is the perfect spot to engage in sea activities or unwind with delicious cocktails.



Penang is such a multi-cultural city. Accommodations such as Holiday Inn Resort can be easily found around island, so don’t pass up visiting any of the above places and soak up its cultural vibes!

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Innovative Garden Trends of 2016

What a better way to cultivate 2016 with an improvement of your gardening skills. Gardens don’t necessarily have to be over the top, you just need to be creative by learning what’s new and hip whilst sticking to your own personal styles. An innovative idea that creates a pleasant outdoor space of natural surroundings are what many people are looking for at their homes. If you want to wow your neighbours and guests, make your garden pop with vivid flowers at your doorway with these innovative garden trends.

1. Growing edibles


Planting a garden with vegetables is basically gardening with a purpose. It gives you the pleasure of savouring a delicious, nutritious and fresh greens from the garden. It is cost-effective and you need not over spend on organic vegetables from the supermarket when you could easily plant them yourself. Plus, growing vegetables can be a fun way to spend time with children or have a place to spend time outdoors in the sun. If it’s your first go at a vegetable garden, we advise you start small. You might be overwhelmed by the growth of the vegetables in just a square feet, and you probably don’t want food to go to waste.

2. Planting succulents


Succulents are seen everywhere especially for its instagram-worthy shots. Bring it over to your garden and grow a succulent mania to boast away its uniqueness and exoticness. Succulents are not only eye catchy when seen at the garden but it’s easy to maintain and care for. They come in many varieties of distinctive shapes and textures along with vibrant summer blooms. The hardy plant can take root anywhere, from a pot in a container, cracks on a stone wall, soil grounds and even intricate hanging glass terrariums. If you’re looking for low-maintenance water-savers, consider having succulents grow at the front of your garden or balcony.

3. Lighting schemes


Lighting is the perfect way to accentuate your garden paths, leading guests to the front door set along the walkway. Pick soft and non-glaring fixtures that direct light downwards so that it is more pleasing to the eye. If you want to go eco, try going solar instead. The decorative solar-powered landscape lights are easy to use as it doesn’t require wiring. When dusk arrives, they come on automatically to light up your garden. On tall bushes or trees, you can use spike lights as they are versatile and easy to string around. This creates an atmosphere with form and colour that moonlight otherwise leaches out.

4. Shade your outdoor living


Shield the outdoors with shade sail installation to reduce heat load from the blazing sun as you laze by your garden terrace. The shade sail will provide protection and it looks great in the outdoor areas of your home, covering pools, barbeque pits and patio areas. Shade sails offer homeowners a more versatile mean of sharing outdoor living spaces with appealing shapes and colours to their custom needs.  

5. Sheds for storage

Chelsea Flower Show, Artisan Retreats

Declutter your garden by storing your gardening pots and tools with a garden shed installation. It creates a comfortable work space and provides a pretty backdrop for colourful flowers and whimsical sculptures that gives a practical but lighthearted approach. A garden shed need not always be 100% enclosed with bricks and cement, as this requires you to hire a garden sheds contractor to build one. A simple DIY garden shed using creative lattice and trellis woodwork not only works well as a storage space, but allows cooling breeze to flow through while homeowners are working at the potting bench.

Want to create a lovely garden pavement for your home? Check out our article on garden paved creations.

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Step by Step Guide to Wall Bagging

When renovating your home, you certainly have to consider Rendering & Bagging your surface. On one hand, rendering is relatively cheaper and gives your wall a cleaner look with a smooth flawless surface. After you render your wall, it can last for 15 to 20 years. On the other hand, bagging gives your surface a more rustic touch, with a less smooth finish, highlighting all the imperfections of your wall.


Cement bagging brick walls is a good option if you wanna make your house stand out or you’re just looking for a change. Before you start any work, make sure you use all the protections required and that you have all the tools you need. Keep in mind that wall bagging requires skills you may not have; if you have no experience in this practice and your surface is quite large, it is recommended to call professionals to do the work. If you still wanna try on a small surface, here is a step by step guide to wall bagging.

Step 1: Wall Preparation

First of all you need to clean your surface and remove any paint, mold, dirt or other material that can be an obstacle to the adhesion of the mortar you will use.   

Step 2: Mix the Render

Mix the cement with water and sand and blend till reaching a uniform texture and colour. Put everything into a wheelbarrow and apply within half an hour from the moment you mixed it. You should use a mechanical mixer if your work is on a large scale.

Step 3: Apply


Take a steel trowel and apply the mixture on your wall starting from the bottom going upwards. Apply till you reach the thickness you desire and wait for it to get firm. Afterwards, smooth the surface; if there are still some imperfections, apply another coat of render. Do not apply too much material otherwise you run the risk of fine cracking.

Step 4: Finish


After you applied the final layer, give the render the opportunity of perfectly drying and finish to achieve the texture you want. If your newly refreshed surface is in the sun, cover it to prevent fading. If you wish to paint your surface you can do so with water-based paints after a minimum of 15 days.   

Watch this video on how to render for extra tips!

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The ulitmate relaxation




Busy busy busy! It’s time to refuel in a spa or wellness center. What are the benefits of a day spa visit? What can mean a relaxing nap for you? Relax, enjoy and feel good!


No time

We are all running out of time. We are busy, very busy. We do not have enough to 24 hours a day. Learning to deal with our precious time will be a major improvement. Make a pass at the scene, a moment for yourself.



A visit to the sauna does good to our health. The heat from the sauna discharges excess waste and stimulates various bodily functions. While visiting a sauna, our heart beat faster, which results in better blood circulation in our body. Other major benefits of a visit to the day spa are:

The heat from the sauna is relaxing,

The mind comes to rest in this relaxing warmth,

The muscles can relax by the warmth of the sauna






Healthy eating and drinking

During a day spa it is important to eat as healthy as possible and to drink to encourage relaxation and health. It is recommended to eat extra: grains, beans, vegetables and nuts. Drink a lot of mineral water throughout the day. These foods all have more than enough magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is important for: Metabolism, a fuel for the brains and to the nervous system.


Natural tranquilizer

The mineral magnesium is a natural tranquilizer, ideal during a day of relaxation, rest and relax. Magnesium is going to attack the stress. Magnesium also appears to promote sleep. Except in the above list, the mineral magnesium is also in dark chocolate.



Use your day spa resort to take a little nap. Admit to feeling relaxed and close your eyes. The benefits of such a relaxing sleep at a glance:

– It makes you more active,

– It makes you more alert,

– It enhances creativity and

– It improves your memory.




Reference link:

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Data plans in Malaysia

Data plans in Malaysia!


Looking to get a Mobile prepaid data plan in Malaysia? Well, there are a lot of prepaid offers so its not hard to get your best prepaid data plan.

Set of color SIM cards isolated on white background

How does prepaid work?

When you pay with prepaid, you pay in advance. You put credit on your SIM card via the website or your provider’s store. When you call, SMS or Internet, this gets of your balance. You get no bill afterwards, so you can decide in advance how much you’d want to spend. You cannot make calls without credit. People can still call you (and you can dial 112). Top up is needed if you want to have credit again.


All providers start with prepaid usage according to a standard or basic rate. Once your connection is activated, you can switch to a cheaper rate. First look into the rates and conditions of the tariff plans.


Best data plan in Malaysia

Mobile internet: what do I need?

– Wifi

If you’re mostly at home, at school or at work, use the wifi, then you need only mobile internet on the go. You can then take a small data plan, since data traffic via WiFi is not on your bundle. You can keep control on your data usage.


– Via the Internet network,

Data traffic via the network of your carrier is settled in MB, mega bytes. It is quite difficult to assess your own (future) use, so it is better to have a internet plan.


TuneTalk is a provider that offers data plans for light and heavy users. There are a lot of data plans to choose from.


Internet plan

As for calling and texting, your Internet usage is deducted from your credit. You will pay a rate per MB. You can also “turn on” a special bundle for internet which you pay in advance from the credit on your prepaid card.



Reference link:

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Banish your belly with Better Belly!

Banish your belly with Better Belly!


Slimming centers are focused on figure correction, slimming and figure conservation programs that are compiled personally for best results.

To achieve the desired weight with lasting results (without the yo-yo effect), you will be guided expertly by trainers and nutrition consultants. They help you achieve your desired weight in a responsible, safe and healthy way.


What is Better Belly?

 Probably you have already heard about body slimming, which is available in a variety of methods. One of the popular methods is the Better Belly, which works by placing a heat tape around your abdomen to stimulate your metabolism.


This new device is in great demand and many people have already achieved great results with it. Research has shown that when playing sports, the tummy zone is poorly supplied with blood in relation to the legs and arms. By carrying a Better Belly tape, not only you focus the fat burning on your abdomen region, but also on the non-visible areas (organs).


How does Better Belly work?

Simple, just exercise three times a week, four weeks in a row 30 to 45 minutes. The intensity is tailored to your fitness goal. After the first workout, you’ll get a measured intake and another after a period of four weeks to re-establish the positive result. While training on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or bike you get a waistband with infrared heat (Belly Better).


You wear the Belly Better over your clothes and your waist is wrapped with a layer of cellophane. The tape is heated to 55 degrees. The warming of the muscles and organs ensures that the basal metabolism is stimulated. Because of the profound effect of the heat combined with exercise, the fat in your body will faster and easier.


What to Expect: 

  • After four weeks, one to two dress sizes less!
  • Skin that is more beautiful and toned, cellulite reduction
  • A healthier lifestyle and a higher vitality
  • In addition, moving with the Better Belly other positive effects on the body:
  • Supports local burning of fat in the problem areas.
  • Can reduce back pain.
  • Supports recovery, by increasing the blood flow.
  • Carries waste from the body.
  • Helps with menstrual problems.
  • Promotes good sleep.



 Who is it for?

 For any of you who wants to lose weight quickly! Regardless if you are overweight and you just feel impeded to make a change, or if you have little motivation to exercise and you still want to see quick results or even if you just want the bikini figure or a perfect body for that wedding dress or suit, but too little time to train.


How do you start?

 Just visit the nearest body slimming centres that offer this treatment such as Bizzy Body or Kunzense, or any other slimming centres that you’re comfortable with. If you’re unsur of where to go, check out, the comprehensive listing directory for beauty and wellness venues in Malaysia. 

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